The TiE Startup Anchor aspires to connect participating innovative mid-to late stage startups worldwide with the Silicon Valley technology ecosystem. TiE Silicon Valley and its vast influential global network represents a unique value proposition for participating companies to meaningfully connect with the most innovative companies, leading VCs, investment bankers, and domain experts specifically relevant to the participating company.

The program offers specific opportunities with clearly defined expectations and deliverables. Our goal is to facilitate and connect participating companies with the Silicon Valley and beyond, by leveraging the TiE ecosystem.

Companies may individually apply for consideration. Program participation is limited and offered only to innovative fast track companies. Each year, only a limited number of companies are accepted. An annual participation fee will partially offset the program costs, also supported by our sponsors.


  1. Showcase: Represent companies participating in the program at relevant select Bay Area events, TiE Media, TiEcon, domain focused SIG events, TiESV websites and programs. Companies will have an opportunity to showcase at TiEcon, the world’s largest conference for entrepreneurs held in the Silicon Valley in May of each year.

  2. Advisory & Board: TiESV can assist participating companies with finding mentors, advisors, board members, and other connectors based upon domain expertise.

  3. Selective engagement: Represent in absentia or set up one-on-one meetings based upon relevance and mutually consensual interest.

  4. Bay Area Events: TiESV will represent program participants at relevant Bay Area events.

  5. Electronic Dossiers: TiESV will promote Anchor Program participants through relevant TiEeco portal’s virtual technology ecosystems and other TiESV programs.

  6. TiE Eco-Connect: Provide access to the TiESV ecosystem by directly facilitating one-on-one connections that are mutually consensual. This will be a major value proposition for mid-to-late stage Anchor Program participants exploring strategic partnering, and business development, potential acquisition and related opportunities.

  7. Office Support: Work with Anchor Program participants in scheduling meetings and usage of TiESV facilities while visiting the Bay Area.

  8. Coordinator: A business services coordinator will assist participating companies.

For more details or to apply for participation, please click here.